What’s happening today in the EUR district? Check out the calendar: La Nuvola and Palazzo dei Congressi are always hosting something worth seeing.

The Roman neighborhood of EUR contains the most iconic examples of Rationalism, an architectural current which reached its height in the 1920s-1930s.

Since its establishment, EUR has accommodated the most significant events in Rome and it should be no surprise that the visionary architectural complex designed by Massimiliano Fuksas has risen in this very district.

La Nuvola and Palazzo dei Congressi are both managed by Eur S.p.A. and they symbolize the dual soul of EUR: tradition and innovation.

La Nuvola’s design concept is defined by three elements: the ”Theca”, the “Cloud” and the “Blade” of the hotel. The Theca is a steel and glass display-case (70 x 40 x 175 meters) characterized by a rigorous geometrical shape where the fiberglass structure of the Cloud float with its translucent curves, like an enormous, weightless sculpture.

The Blade is an impressive jet-black prism which runs along the south side of the Theca and contains a 4 star hotel, the logistical counterpart for the events and conventions hosted in the Cloud.

The entire complex houses 8,000 seats and it has been designed to perfectly suit events of every scale and every kind of audience.

The Palazzo dei Congressi, was built for the Universal Exhibition of Rome in 1942, and since then it has hosted some of the most important sporting and international events in Rome, thanks to its large size and capacity.

Take a look at the calendar, find out the next events by Roma Convention Center.


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