All roads lead to Rome

Visiting Rome is priceless, but keep in mind that when you organize an event here, the eternal city is included in the ticket.

The Colosseum, San Peter’s Square, Imperial Fora and the antique ruins: Rome kept a trace of the empire it used to be and it still attracts millions of tourists every year. Every event hosted in Rome shines brighter because of its timeless beauty.

Furthermore Rome is strategically located in the heart of Italy and that makes it the ideal city for international conventions, conferences and events, since it can be easily reached from all over Italy and Europe.

The Eur shows the modern side of the city: a more organized and dynamic district and the ideal location for conventions and exhibitions.

The orthogonal roads, the wide parking areas, the modern infrastructures  and the majestic buildings frame the most successful events in Rome, and we hope yours will be the next one.

Discover Rome and its endless wonders.

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