How to move around in Rome

Roads and means of transports

Rome is a very wide city and sightseeing might be quite exhausting if you are not prepared to move around a lot.

Departing from the Historical Centre and heading towards all cardinal points, the Consolari roads divide the city likes radiuses. These roads were built over two-thousand years ago, ad if they were perfect for carriages they might be quite inefficient for cars.

The reason why Rome is so charming is certainly because all the history it went through, but visitors will not find a really modern transport network. That’s why they should carefully plan their itinerary day by dayin order to experience the city at its very best.

There are three underground lines (A, B and C) which surely are the fastest way to move from one site to another, since overground Rome is always crowded by traffic and tourists.

Buses, trams and taxis are also good options at night and when it comes to short distances.

Click here to get more information about Rome transport system.

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